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Observations from Pycon 2018

posted: May 19, 2018

tl;dr: The Python community knows how to throw a great conference...

Book review: Python for Data Analysis, Second Edition, by Wes McKinney

posted: May 10, 2018

tl;dr: A well-written, in-depth, practical guide to using Python’s primary data analysis libraries and tools...

Tales of the headquarters effect

posted: May 6, 2018

tl;dr: HQ and the world look very different when viewed from a remote office...

The fundamental reason Silicon Valley exists

posted: April 28, 2018

tl;dr: It’s where the (risk capital) money is and money does not like to hop on planes...

Book review: Bill Veeck: Baseball’s Greatest Maverick, by Paul Dickson

posted: April 21, 2018

tl;dr: The definitive Bill Veeck biography, but Veeck’s autobiographical books are even more engaging...

The Empire’s Mothership: a journey to Vail

posted: April 14, 2018

tl;dr: A true world-class ski resort that aims to be the absolute best, yet is not my ATF...

The CARFAX + insurance company conspiracy, part two

posted: April 6, 2018

tl;dr: Insurance companies can lie with impunity, except (hopefully) in a court of law...

Write for readability

posted: March 31, 2018

tl;dr: Readability (by humans) is the most important attribute of good software...

Spreadsheets (arch.)

posted: March 24, 2018

tl;dr: Spreadsheets had their day (actually decades) in the sun, but night is falling...

Hire for the first derivative

posted: March 17, 2018

tl;dr: It matters more how fast one learns than the knowledge that one has...